Renovation of a rock fall net Choindez JU

The main road between Moutier and Delémont is protected by a rock fall net.

The assembly and disassembly of the nets was fairly challenging due to the complications of a very busy main road and the difficult terrain. To supply the construction site for the renovation to these nets, a material ropeway with a capacity of three tonnes was built, and with our installation, supplying the work site was not a problem. More pictures

Replacement pipeline for water power plant Ried Mörel VS

The veteran hydro power line in Ried Mörel had a leak and had to be replaced.

This renovation project had to take into consideration some very important issues about the economical factors and exploitation of the land and environment. The material cable car and ropeway system we erected had a transport capacity of three tonnes and resulted in a very low impact on the landscape. More pictures

Renewal Power plant “La Vièze”, Monthey VS

The hydroelectric power plant “La Vièze” in Monthey and its his high-pressure pipe needs to be replaced. The route of the cable crain line crosses a main road, a railway line and several side streets.

For the realization of this construction in a urban area ZINGRICH Cabletrans GmbH could build a cableway system with radio controlled, motorized cable crane. The complex installation included 5 towers, and as many as to 7 tons heavy pipeline pipes of 12 m length, materials and machines and two curves in the line with more then 20° degrees deflection. More pictures

New cable car Plan Francey – Mt. Moléson

The cable car to the top of the Mt. Moléson also had to be replaced. This enormous construction project required an efficient high-performance material transport to the summit.

For the construction site supply, we could build a material ropeway with a length of almost 2’000m including a modern, electronically controlled comon rail diesel engine with 400 HP and integrated control unit and radio controlled cable crane. Thus an optimal material supply and easy transport of heavy equipment for the construction site is guaranteed. More pictures

New pressure pipeline for water power plant Giessbach

Being more than 80 years old, the old pressure pipeline of the power plant Giessbach needs to be replaced. The line leads along an extremely steep – but also spectacular area from the gorge to the shor of the lake of Brienz.

ZINGRICH Cabletrans installed a cableway system with a remote controlled, motorized crane capable of crossing a 40 m high mast containing a curve for this special project. More pictures