A material ropeway will be used to replace the pressure line between Condémines and Pèroua. The cable car system has a payload of 25 tonnes. The pressure pipes with a diameter of up to 3.15 m can be comfortably moved with the material ropeway. The cable car system is equipped with 2 motorized cable cranes which are suspended one behind the other and logically connected to each other. Here we have a redundant system in use that can be relied upon.


The construction work for the complete renovation of the Ritom power plant in Ticino is running in full speed. The project includes the construction of a headrace tunnel, a new power plant centre and an equalising reservoir with a capacity of 100,000 m3.  The renewal of the power station, built in 1920, will last until spring 2022. A material cableway with a payload of 12 tons is available for the logistics.


For the construction of the visionary V-Bahn, a material ropeway is being used to access the high-mountain construction site on the Eiger Glacier. The material ropeway has a payload of 6 tons and forms an important link in the logistics chain of the entire construction site. The material ropeway brings the material just in time to the narrow construction site Eigergletscher. The availability of the material ropeway is essential for the sometimes very large concrete stages.

Parallel hydropower shaft Kapf Innertkirchen BE

Ropeway with 700 kW electro-mechanical drive and radio controlled double drum motor cable crane

Download the newspaper report VTK PDF (German)

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Year: 2012, Capicity:  20 tonnes

New power plant for Jungbach AG in St. Niklaus VS

The construction for the new power plant is underway.

A materials ropeway was erected in order to supply the construction site and for the building of a new rock cavern. The cable car was designed for a carrying capacity of ten tonnes. The complex cable system is completed and the construction work for the power plant is in full progress. The cable car is key to the entire project; without it, nothing gets up to the site.

New combined cablecar Riederalp – Moosfluh

For the replacement infrastructure cablecar Riederalp – Moosfluh a material ropeway system was erected.

The material cablecar is starting with a right hand turn shortly after the departure, afterwards the cablecar line is parallel to the new combined cablecar.

The Cablecar system with a capacity of 5 tonnes was a elementary  part of the construction plcace Blausee und Moosfluh.

Renovation Power plant FMO Orsières

The hydroelectric power plant “FMO” in Orsières and its his high-pressure pipe needs to be replaced.

For the realization of this construction ZINGRICH Cabletrans GmbH could build a cableway system with radio controlled, motorized cable crane. The material cable car system we erected has a transport capacity of 12 tonnes. The impact to the landscape is very little.

The complex installation is able to carry up to 12 tons heavy pipeline pipes of 12 m length, materials and all necessary tools to supply the construction site.

Dismantling ropeway system Linth-Limmern

Two material cable car systems are necessary for the dismantling of the big cable cars.

 For the construction of the largest pump storage hydro water power station in Switzerland Linth Limmern 2015, 2 heavy cable crane system where required during the construction time.

Our cable crane systems are able to transport 10 tonnes in normal operation and 12 tonnes in exceptional cases.

The upper cable car system is already in action.